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This site, for hardcore manga/anime fans and newbies, is about one of the greatest films ever created, AKIRA.

16th June, 1988. A new type of bomb is dropped on Tokyo. 9 hours later, WWIII begins. The year is now 2019. Around the crater of Tokyo rose the ultra-metropolis of Neo-Tokyo. Biker gang wars and violence rule the streets. The story of Akira begins with Tetsuo. Always overshadowed by his fellow gang-members and his childhood friend Kaneda, he is getting increasingly pissed off with this fact. One night, while on a motorbike chase with rival gang, The Clowns,  he is involved in an accident with a psionic called Takashi. Captured by the military, he is taken to a medical facility. Kaneda takes it upon himself to rescue him.

This is a picture of the Japanese cover of Akira.